10 ways to say “You’re Welcome” in European Portuguese (impress the natives)

This will be a short and sweet one. The goal is to help you expand your vocabulary a bit and help you sound more like “real Portuguese”.

You’ve heard of “de nada” as a way of saying “you’re welcome”, but a local person will likely use another expression. Let’s find out…

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  1. Thank you, Carla! It would also be useful to know when/how and why some of these alternative phrases would be used. For example, in English, when instead of saying you’re welcome they would say “no, thank YOU” etc.

    1. Olá 🤗 Infelizmente tem sido difícil arranjar tempo para publicar com mais frequência. Uma das razões para isso é que temos viajado mais para gravar vídeos interessantes… 😉
      Obrigada pelo carinho 🥰

    1. De nada ☺️
      Desculpa, mas não entendo bem a tua pergunta. Do you mean to ask why I haven’t included those questions?

  2. Carla fala mais português por favor. Quero ouvir mais aos nativos falando com o sotaque português.

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