Alphabet & Sounds of European Portuguese

Alphabet & Sounds of European Portuguese

Hi everyone,

we’ve decided to start a new series of videos (and perhaps extra articles) on the very basics of European Portuguese. Now, even though these are created with beginners in mind, the truth is that many who are now intermediate or even advanced in their Portuguese skills will likely find out about things they had missed up to now.

Extra content & tailored exercises related to these basic lessons are available to members of the “Carla’s Babies” program. To know more, check out this post/podcast where we explain things a little more.

Anyway, for the “inaugural” video of the series, we tackle the very basic sounds, or phonemes, of European Portuguese. We plan to make a follow up video that will expand on this soon.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Obrigada, Carla



  1. Árni 5 years ago

    Great teacing thanks a loti

    • Carla Sabala 5 years ago

      Obrigada Árni 🙂

  2. Ahmed 3 years ago

    I m from Algeria I speak Arabic and new in Portuguese language the lesson is helpful
    Thank you

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