How to say thank you in Portuguese – Obrigado or Obrigada? [in PT with subtitles in PT & EN]

In this video, I will tell how native Portuguese people say thank you. But more than that: even native Portuguese argue about whether to use “obrigadO” or “obrigadA”. Let’s get that clarified! 🙂
Perhaps you’ll be able to impress your Portuguese friends. 🙂

Espero que gostem,

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  1. This is the perfect translation ever to learn Portuguese language.
    It’s written in both Portuguese and English.
    Really, thank you so much.
    That’s soooooo helpful.
    Coz we are struggling with the pronunciation.
    So, this is EXTREMELY HELPFUL.

  2. Exactly, Carla. Another expression with gender variation that is very often forgotten is “santinho/santinha” when someone sneezes. But the other way around, depending on the person you are saying it to. Keep up the great work.

  3. O mesmo acontece no Brasil. Obrigado, minha cara por esse vídeo. Acabei de conhecê-la e já gostei de cara. Parabéns! Saudações do Brasil.

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