LEARN PORTUGUESE at the Pastry Shop!

Join us in Guimarães as we explore local pastry shops using the Too Good To Go app!

Despite the rainy weather, we’re picking up delicious pastries and learning some Portuguese vocabulary along the way. Watch our unboxing to see the variety of treats we find. Perfect for foodies and travel enthusiasts alike!

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For the last decade, we’ve been working on putting together the best possible European Portuguese course. After much research, feedback from our students, and a number of iterations, we think we’ve got it! 😉

As a base, we used scientifically proven techniques to help with master pronunciation, phrase construction, oral understanding, grammar, and all the necessary bits to get you to fluency. At the same time, having learned foreign languages ourselves, we know the process needs to be engaging, varied, and enjoyable. The whole thing is presented as an adventure. It’s a course like no other, trust us!

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  1. Is there an approach you recommend to studying portuguese. I have the journey but for someone who is learning from scratch it took forever to get through the pre journey because of the quizzes. I feel like the pronunciation is too fast and the conversation are too complex. I have to go through it several times. I’m on the last quizzes and worried to continue because this feels more like an intermediate class than beginner. Help

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