Months & Seasons in European Portuguese


On this lesson I will cover all the months and seasons in European/Portugal Portuguese. I will also put each one in a sentence to help further with memorisation and pronunciation.


Ready to become fluent in European Portuguese?

For the last decade, we’ve been working on putting together the best possible European Portuguese course. After much research, feedback from our students, and a number of iterations, we think we’ve got it! 😉

As a base, we used scientifically proven techniques to help with master pronunciation, phrase construction, oral understanding, grammar, and all the necessary bits to get you to fluency. At the same time, having learned foreign languages ourselves, we know the process needs to be engaging, varied, and enjoyable. The whole thing is presented as an adventure. It’s a course like no other, trust us!

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  1. Thank you so much for your lessons. Love the way you teach and I am learning so much from you. One day I hope I can speak it also as fast as you do;-)

  2. Olá, Carla! I just started on The Journey (which has been awesome), and am squeezing a couple of these other YT videos in.
    I have a question. The ‘ei’ in Janeiro sounds like the letter ‘a’ (je-NAY-ru?), but in Fevereiro, it sounds more like the letter ‘i’ (f’v’RAI-ru?)? Maybe I’m hearing that incorrectly, so thought I’d ask if the pronunciation is different or not. Please help!

    Also, what is the correct way to pronounce Madeira? I’ve heard it muh-DIE-ruh, muh-DEE-ruh and muh-DAY-ruh. I saw your mother-in-law was from there, so was interested in how the locals there pronounce it. 🙂
    Muito obrigada!

    1. Olá 😊 I’m glad you’re enjoying The Journey!

      For both months Janeiro and Fevereiro the “ei” is the same. But it may vary slightly from region to region due the different Portuguese accents. So the English letter “a” is a good example of what the sound “ei” should have.

      As for Madeira, your third spelling is the right one 😉

      Let us know if you’re still struggling with these sounds, and if so I’ll send a voice message through the website. Also we will be releasing an exercise on The Journey tonight that will include the pronunciation for “Madeira” 😄

    2. @Portuguese With Carla Excellent! I watched this and the tricky sounds video twice yesterday, to try to make sure I was getting these right. Looking forward to the new Journey lesson – I appreciate all your help! Muito obrigada!

      p.s. We’ll be moving to Madeira in the fall, so wanted to make sure I got it right! 😁

  3. sorry its so hard to learn you use big sentencec we still didnot learn work completly so its disapoint bigginers .

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