Lesson 10 - Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 10 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast


Mama Sabala makes another appearance on the lesson this week. For podcast 10 of the Portuguese With Carla course, we delve into some coloquial expressions you can use to impress the natives.

Make sure to take advantage of the flashcard exercises and the audio quiz below.



E – Então, estava tudo bom?

M – Tudo nos trinques, obrigado!

E – Vão desejar café?

C – Sim, dois. Um cheio.

M – E assim que puder traga também a continha se faz favor.

E – Sim sim, trago já.


E – Ora aqui tem os cafezinhos. O cheio é para senhora não é?

E aqui tem a continha.

M – Chiça!

C – O que é que foi, enganaram-se?

M – não…mas cobraram-nos por meia dúzia de azeitonas e duas fatias de pão!

C – Vá, tu não sejas mão de vaca, a senhora foi tão simpática! E não te esqueças de dar gorjeta.

M – Olha, deixo aqui 20 cêntimos a mais e já vai com sorte!

C – Tu não me envergonhes. Mete aí esta moeda de dois euros.

M – 2 euros!?!?

C – Vá!!



Can you recall?


Audio Quiz

This is a quick test on your understanding of spoken European Portuguese.

Don’t feel too bad if you can’t get much right, these are challenging test.


Follow this process:

  • Fill all the gabs you can, even if you’re not sure, just right down what you think you hear
  • Go over it a few times if need be
  • Check the correct answers while listening
  • try to test over one more time from scratch


  1. Sean 6 years ago

    Gosto muito destes podcasts novos. São tão útil. Muito obrigado Carla e Marlon. Vou continuar a ouvir

  2. Paolo 6 years ago

    Olá Carla, Marlon! Thank you for yet another great episode. Shorter too this time, which helps tremendously with my chronic laziness, lol. Great guest too, I could actually understand Dona Ida perfectly. Well, I understood almost everything, and the bit I didn’t it wasn’t her fault obviously. The takeaways were priceless (the expression with the vaca for being stingy will come very useful, I’m sure – also, in case you might be interested for very scientific purposes, in Italian we say that a person has “short arms” when they are being tight with their budget). I think I failed the audio quiz miserably though, still need to work on that a lot. Anyhoo, this is brilliant (or “lovely”, as Carla would say), muito obrigato!

    • Marlon Sabala 6 years ago

      “Short harms”…that’s good! 🙂

      We realise the audio quizzes are really hard, but that’s unfortunately the speed at which portuguese folks speak. Keep at it 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment. They are a motivating force!

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