Lesson 16 - Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 16 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Podcast or Lesson 16 of the Portuguese With Carla audio course takes us back to the holiday in Madeira. Learn Portuguese (Portugal/European) grammar and vocabulary the easy and fun way.

This week we also start introducing some pretty cool idiomatic expressions that will no doubt impress Portuguese natives.



C – Então amor, a tua equipa está a ganhar?

M – Isto não é falta? Das duas uma, ou este árbitro é cegueta ou foi comprado…

C – hmm parece que não …Olha lá, se calhar amanhã podíamos passar num café pra experimentar as queijadas da Madeira, disseram-me que são muito boas… O que é que tu achas?

M – hmhm…

C – Depois podíamos subir ao Paúl da Serra, porque amanhã parece que o céu está limpo…

M – GOLO! Toma lá que já almoçaste!

C – Mas tava a dizer…Depois podíamos subir ao Paúl da Serra, porque amanhã parece que o céu vai estar limpo e depois fazíamos a caminhada até ao Pico Ruivo.

M – Sim mulher, o que tu achares tá bom. Bora, mais 2 ou 3, pá!

C – Mas antes precisamos de comprar comida e água pra levarmos connosco.

Ah e convém levarmos casacos quentes, porque lá em cima deve ser ventoso e deve fazer um frio de rachar..!

M – Tão?!

C – Olha, faltou a luz.

M – Não acredito.


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  1. Mattt 6 years ago

    Muito obrigado para o podcast! Eu gosto

  2. Paolo 6 years ago

    Entao, guy from Waddington here :). Muito obrigado for yet another insightful and fun episode. And the flashcards are back too, love them! The not-in-a-textbook-moment was very interesting, highlight of the entire episode, also thanks to another great audio jingle from the Sabalas – your audio production is always top-notch. Tons of takeaways for my trusty notebook, filled pages with just this episode alone, so thank you for that. Loved the commentator clip at the end, listening to TSF had me prepared for what was coming, but it always brings a smile to my face hearing those impossibly long goooooolo celebrations. Fica pra proxima!

    • Carla Sabala 6 years ago

      Muito obrigada pelos seus comentários Paolo! 😀

  3. Maya 5 years ago

    HI Carla and Marlon! Greetings from Bulgaria! 🙂 Thank you very much for what you are doing!
    I really enjoy your podcasts! I have a question about the word ”comprado” which comes from the verb ”comprar”. Marlon says it means ”bored” but I had in my mind that ”comprar” means ”to buy” and ”comprado” actually means ”bribed”.
    Am I wrong ? Or maybe ”comprar” has 2 meanings ?

    • Carla Sabala 5 years ago

      Olá de Inglaterra Maya! 🙂 Thank you very much for the lovely comments regarding our podcasts.
      I think Marlon may have said “comprado” means “bought” which may have sounded similar to “bored”. “Comprar” does mean ‘to buy’, therefore ‘comprado” means “bought” or “bribed” (as you correctly pointed out) if applied to a person. Hope this answers your question!

      Thanks again!
      Carla 🙂

  4. Codruta Floriana 1 year ago

    Another excellent podcast ! 🙂 I’m afraid I’ll become addicted 🙂
    There is one thing that bothers me, I do hope you’ll help me understand : ” este árbitro é cegueta ”
    Why isn’t it ” este árbitro é ceguetO ” ? Thank you, obrigada !

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