Lesson 17 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Podcast ‘dezasete’ (17) is here. Learn some new European Portuguese expressions and idiomatic expressions in a relaxed way, by following our two characters on their ‘Madeiran’ adventure. Today’s podcast, like most of them, will also help you with grammar, even if you’re not aware of it.

Don’t forget to practice with the flashcards below.


Portuguese Transcript

C – Uma mulher prevenida vale por duas! Agora podemos programar o nosso itinerário para amanhã, à luz de velas. Que romântico, não achas?

M – Velas o tanas! Eu quero é ver o meu Benfica! Não pode ser assim! Eu vou lá à recepção ver o que se passa.

C – Mas João tem cuidado, que está escuro e não vais poder usar o elevador, só as escadas.

M- Sim, sim!

C – Ai brutamontes! Nesta escuridão ele ainda vai cair pelas escadas abaixo…

C – Eu não disse?!

C – Eu não te disse pra teres cuidado?! Mas então, aleijaste-te?

M – Isto não é nada… é só um arranhão.

C – Bem, vou ter que chamar o taxista outra vez…

Can you recall?

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  1. Hilarious podcast! My father is also a Benfica supporter so I understand the passion! Thank you to you both for creating these wonderful lessons. Can only imagine how much work has been involved.. It’s really helping me to improve my family’s native language. Thank you, thank you!

  2. In a dialect of my native language “sim, sim” has its own proverb: If one says “Yes, yes” he/she will get a response of “Yes, yes, means scratch my backside (buttocks)”. The topic does not interest him or her in the least.
    (Jo.Jo. Heet: klei mi aan mors. Ugs. Plattdeutsch, Leck mich am Arsch, Hochdeutsch – even more rude -> kiss my a.)
    So: Is “sim, sim” considered as rude?

  3. Obrigada, Marlon e Carla! Um outro ótimo podcast… The emphasis in the pronunciation is helping me a lot and the “not in a textbook moment” is a fun way to remember the idiomatic expressions😁 You guys are great!

    Thanks so much for your dedication and passion.

    Obrigada novamente,


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