You might have come across Portuguese podcasts before, but chances are, they will be focused on Brazilian Portuguese, which as you might have found out by now, is quite different from the language spoken in Portugal, the rest of Europe as well as the African Portuguese speaking nations. That’s why I decided to offer my own free European Portuguese lessons.

The Portuguese With Carla Podcast is entirely dedicated to learning the European version of this tongue. Both me and my husband (the hosts), were both born and lived in Portugal most of our lives.

We strive to keep the program as interesting and varied as possible so as to make the whole learning affair a lot more interesting and “easy to digest”.

So, what exactly can you expect from these free European Portuguese lessons? Let me elucidate you…

  • High-quality audio recording
  • Colloquial language
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Guests with differing accents
  • A variety of themes (Leisure, Eating, Travel, Medical, Work, Business, Shopping, etc)
  • Grammar tips
  • Transcripts for every lesson
  • Innovative language acquisition techniques
  • Memorisation tricks

We often throw in quizzes and flashcard exercises to help you memorise the vocabulary considered in the lesson. All of that for free, nada! All I ask is that, if you enjoy the lessons, please leave a nice review on iTunes.


So, how and where can you get all this? Where can’t you get it is a more appropriate question?

You will find most of the free lessons on my youtube channel (with transcripts built-in). Of course, you can get all of it on this website. In fact, some of the exercises can only be accessed here. Just go to a specific podcast page, such as the ones at the end of this page.

For most people though, a good starting point would be to subscribe directly on their smartphone/tablet. That way you will get the lessons delivered automatically as soon as they are released. If you are a podcast consumer already, you should be able to find us on your “podcatcher” of choice. If you need a little help, the links in the sidebar box should suffice.

Let’s get started…

We recomend you subscribe to the podcast using one of the links provided in the sidebar. That way, you’ll always get notified when a new one comes out. 😉 However, you can access individual podcasts by going to where # is the episode number. 😁