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Well, 2 reasons. First, because it aludes to the “journey” the learner will take from knowing, perhaps, next to nothing of the language to fluency by the end of it. And second, it’s the name of the movie we shot that serves as the backbone for the program.

In this program you will follow our 2 main characters on their travels around Portugal (mainland and islands) as they try to unravel a family mystery. 

As you do, we will use each scene to teach you something new about the Portuguese language, either grammar, pronunciation or something else.

We do this initially by means of over 80 induction video lessons. This is then supplemented with extra exposure through video sketches and quizzes tailored to cover specific points.

We then consolidate the whole thing by giving you lesson-specific assignments.

This is just scratching the surface of what the program has to offer. There is a lot more side material that covers things like idiomatic expressions or the portuguese culture for example.

On top of all that, you have access to myself and Márlon in case you get stuck somewhere along the “road”.

You can start the program with 0 knowledge of the language, as we will cover all the basics. However, from the get go, we offer you video explanations for our sketches not only in English but in Portuguese. As a result, even intermediate students benefit from starting at the top. Of course you can spend as much time on each section as you wish.

In technical terms, we cover material up to, what textbooks normally associate with C1 and C2 levels. Things like conjunctive tenses or other more complex grammar aspects of the language. Of course, we are constantly adding more material.

I am happy to answer questions students have about the language. Perhaps a particular thing they are struggling to understand. However, the program does not include one-on-one lessons with me. It is mainly a “self-taking” program.

That really does depends on how much you can dedicate to it. Learning a language up to fluency point will likely take many months, even if you can dedicate a lot of time to it.

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of time you can spend on the site. And you can certainly keep yourself very busy with the program on a daily basis. After each “chapter”, which contains multiple lessons, you generally have a 3 day gap until the next chapter is unlocked. This is done on purpose so as to give you time to consolidate the points learned. During this period, we give you homework and also unlock side content to keep you busy and motivated.

Sim! All our subscriptions come with a 1 week free trial. Simply cancel before the end of the week, and you won’t be charged at all.

Our terms and conditions page will answer any questions you might have, but, in short, you may cancel at any point and there are no extra fees or contracts associated with your subscription. Think of it like you Netflix membership.

We accept most card payments and use stripe as our card payment handler. They have been around for a long time and are used by companies such as Uber, Amazon, Lyft, Spotify, National Geographic,, Deliveroo, etc. 

We do not accept Paypal at this point.