Alphabet & Sounds of European Portuguese

Tricky Sounds of European Portuguese

Bom dia pessoal,

here’s another lesson on the “Basics” of European Portuguese. This one picks up where we left off in the “Alphabet & Sounds” lesson of a few weeks back. I take you through a few more basic sounds, including diphthongs and other weirdly named, but essential tidbits for correct European Portuguese pronunciation.

Extra content & tailored exercises related to these basic lessons are available to members of the “Carla’s Babies” program. To know more, check out this post/podcast where we explain things a little more. Soon we’ll be letting a few more people into the program. The Invitation will go out very soon. We have hundreds of people on the list but only a few spots will be made available. Be quick 🙂


Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Obrigada, Carla



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