Window Cleaning Round

Pricing & Earnings


Average p/hour (including traveling)

Quotes for last 4 years based on £60 p/hour rate.

Time Distribution

Day 1

8 hours

Day 2

6 hours

Day 3

6 hours

Day 4

6 hours

Day 5

5 hours

Day 6

5 hours

Day 7

7 hours

Could rearrange into 6 days of 7 hours if you prefer.

Resources Required to complete round


Distance Travelled


1-man-hours (including travelling)

Properties cleaned

This round is composed almost entirely of residential properties with only one small business.
This has been intentional as businesses tend to be fickle and late in paying. The only business I clean is in a residential area and pay via bank transfer the very day an invoice is sent in.

Round Perimeter

Customers accustomed to:

  • Cleaning in rainy & snowy conditions
  • Price increases every few years
  • Promptly sending payments via bank (1 or two by cheque) – no collection required
  • Cleans every 4 weeks (13 times per year)
  • Often shifting the day of clean when I’m on holiday

More about Customer Base

This round was established over 13 years ago with many customers going back that long.
I would class the vast majority as very loyal customers. I currently hold keys for a number of gates.

When I increase prices, which I do every few years, these tend to be around the 15% mark. Out of hundreds of customers, I tend to lose 1 or 2 when this happens.

The vast majority of customers are fairly quick to make payments and over the years I’ve stopped cleaning for those who weren’t.

A full list of all customers and their pricing can be downloaded here.

About my service

Virtually all the round is cleaned with a reach and clean system using a 21 foot pole. There are 2 properties that partially require traditional cleaning.
In addition to this, there are 3 properties that partially require a longer pole. Conveniently, all cleaned in the same day.

I do not use ladders with the exception of a folding ladder that is required to reach some awkward windows in 2 or 3 properties.

In almost all properties, I clean all frames, sills and doors.

My service tends to be very regular. To give you an idea, after 13 years, cleans have been shifted a total of 3 weeks form the original schedule set in April of 2005.


It’s rare that a full month goes by without a new customer being added to the list. This despite the fact that I have not canvassed in at least 4 years. So great potential for expansion.


2001 Fiat Doblo Cargo


  • 124000 miles
  • passed MOT last month
  • non-turbo for reliability
  • £208 yearly Insurance
  • Some rust coming through but no advisories on it

Cleaning Equipment


  • 650 litre Tank
  • 100 PSI pump
  • Pump regulator
  • 2x leisure batteries (one cannot hold full charge)
  • Battery Charger
  • 21 foot Carbon Hybrid pole from Gardiner (2 months old)
  • 40 foot fibre glass pole
  • Array of brushes including a new sill brush
  • 100m mini bore hose
  • Heavy duty reel
  • Micro fibre cloths
  • Squeegee & Applicator
  • Window Cleaning Bucket
  • Assortment of adaptors and valves
  • 3.34m folding ladder

Asking Price


Van, Equipment & Round