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The University of Minnesota is known to have a prolific language program and after meeting with [my teacher] for an hour and a half she was blown away. She could not understand how I progressed so fast and after showing the head professor of the Portuguese language you

Jonah Salita

Absolutely love this…I’ve tried other programs, and so far this is the most engaging.


I love this study method to learn Portuguese. The exact flow I need to learn and not get bored!


Absolutely love it. Best European Portuguese classes I’ve found until now. Thank you!


I’m really enjoying the course. It is such and engaging method. It is very effective as well.


These lessons are incredible! I think the pace, clarity and detail are really unmatched in the online space when it comes to European Portuguese. You guys have created a great learning environment that feels intimate and advanced. I would also like to add that the production quality is excellent, I am a professional audio engineer/producer. It is clear that the content and approach is based on a solid educational and linguistic background.


I love how you two have though of everything, truly impressive! This is so much better than I ever thought it would be! A fun interactive website with personable hosts thank you.


I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen (and learned) in so little time!


So far my experience with everything you’ve done here has been beyond expectations. It’s all so well-explained, your walk-through pop-ups are great, the videos are amazing, and all the extras are magnificent.  You’ve also done a great job with the gamification, I love it! Wonderful experience in every aspect!


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