Lesson 25 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 25 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 25 is here to test your vocabulary retention. How many European Portuguese words and idiomatic expressions can you recall from previous lessons?

Let’s get started.

E não façam batota! (Don’t cheat)

Open the tab below only if you’re struggling to remember most words hinted at on the podcast. Getting the answers without further help will help you “burn” them in your memory much more effectively.

Bear in mind that the words are not in the order they are mentioned, so it will still be somewhat of a challenge to pick the right one.

Enfermeira O Preço O Passaporte
Tempo Gastar O Bilhete
Repousar A Loja O Bolso
Gesso O Favor A Mala
Jogar O Marido Carregar
Muleta Confortável O Boi
Esforço dispendioso A Vaca
Vendemos O Tipo A Bagagem
Esquecer O Braço O Porão
Quanto custa? O Modelo Vermelha
Acessível O Carbono O Tapete
O par O alumínio O Peso
A mão O Limite O Quilo
O Embarque Caro A Sandes
Cheio Trocos Torresmos
A Fome A Canela A Bifana
Forreta A Menina O Amigo
Viajar A Comida


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  1. Joanne Newman 7 months ago

    Thank you, very enjoyable and educational 😊

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