Lesson 13 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

This European Portuguese Lesson is a little different. Grab a shot of some high alcohol percentage liquid to warm up your singing voice.

Singing is an excellent way of improving your European Portuguese accent, so sing along with us.

Portuguese Transcript

Song 1:

O meu chapéu tem três bicos

Tem três bicos o meu chapéu

Se não tivesse três bicos

O chapéu não era meu

Song 2:

Atirei o pau ao gato-to

Mas o gato-to

Não morreu-rreu-rreu

Dona Chica-ca


Com o berro

Com o berro

Que o gato deu


Assentada à chaminé-né-né

Veio uma pulga-ga

Mordeu-lhe o pé-pé-pé

Ou ela chora

Ou ela grita

Ou vai-se embora

Pulga maldita!


Can you recall?

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  1. Carla and Marlon, well done! Thank you very much for your recording, I am enjoy learning European portuguese with you.

  2. Dear Marlon, Carla, I must admit, after spending two weeks away from anything related to Portuguese… I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’ve actually missed your intro jingle! So upbeat. So catchy – Damn, I hope Carla is not reading this, she already loves the jingle way too much as it is. Anyway, I don’t know where to start with this episode. I loved it! I knew Carla likes music, she’s been trying to make me listen to that horrible António Zambujo for months now (I always cunningly come up with an excuse not to do it, of course), but little did I know that she could sing?! And she’s really good too! You too, Marlon, but I sort of guessed you could sing because of the radio-friendly voice :). Really impressed, guys, what an incredibly fun 30 minutes. I was trying to be all professional about it with my little notebook, resisting the urge to sing, but I gave up in the end… and completely lost it at the cat sound. Então, muito obrigado for all your hard work… and lovely choice of songs (better than anything António Zambujo has ever produced, I’m sure). Can’t wait to see a cat in Portugal to start humming Song numero 2 as I approach the poor creature… I kid, of course, I’m seriously allergic to them.

    1. Well Paolo, thank you very much! Very happy to hear you admit to how cool the jingle is haha 😉
      Also appreciate the compliment on mine and Marlon’s singing voice 😛 We have just been to a concert of António Zambujo and you really don’t know what you’re missing!

      We both appreciate you’re kind comments – you always make us laugh 😀 Loved the last line in particular, “Can’t wait to see a cat in Portugal to start humming Song numero 2 as I approach the poor creature… I kid, of course, I’m seriously allergic to them” – lol, nice one.

      Once again, thank you for listening to our podcasts!

  3. Amazing! So much fun . . . In Israel, when we take out the words we sing the tune with mm-mm . . I had no idea the song was popular in Portugal also. You guys are great!

  4. O meu chapeu song is so international! Every country seems to have a version of it, but it’s actually not jewish originally as you thought but from an 18th century Swede called Bellman

  5. Thank you so much Carla and Marlon.. I am really learning a lot with you two. You’re fabulous teaching together, making everything so interesting and fun! I’m looking forward to the next lesson already.
    Jo 😊

  6. Carla is a great singer, I think this should be repeated!! As a duo you did well – I’m really enjoying the podcasts so much by the way, planning to move to Cascais/Estoril/Oeiras in 2022.

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