Portuguese With Carla: A Wrap-Up of 2023 

The final week of the year is always a nostalgic one. You tend to remember what you did and the surprises you received. You also have a chance to stop, celebrate your conquests, and mourn your losses. 

And what a full year 2023 proved to be! We were proud to say goodbye to those who finished our course and thrilled to welcome the newcomers. The Journey gained new and incredible features, and our website got a makeover. How do you feel about all the changes we’ve made? 

Yet, now is also the time to look ahead and brace ourselves for what is coming. So, for the last article in 2023, we invite you to go down memory lane. But besides covering what happened, we also want to share with you what you can expect for 2024. 

Come with us as we recap a year full of surprises and hint at the novelties ahead at Portuguese With Carla!

Recap of 2023 Highlights

There are so many happenings to highlight this year. The Portuguese With Carla team grew. We also spent lots of time handling legal stuff. Here are the three most notorious novelties for you that directly impact your experience. 

Our App to learn European Portuguese is available in Beta for all site members
The Journey in an App for iOS devices

App in Beta And Available For All Site Members

Our star advancement of 2023 was the launching of our App. This incredible resource is now available in Beta for iOS devices. Every website member can access it, use it, and help us improve it! 

The App complements the gamified experience delivered through The Journey. This way, you can learn Portuguese from Portugal faster and practice whenever and wherever.  

User Experience Improvements

You know we pride ourselves on excellent user experience. Thus, this year, you received a new Exposure Items section. It is a well-stocked library of European Portuguese content that you can access anytime. 

This section is your go-to exposure resource! It has everything, from music to podcasts and YouTube channels to audiobook recommendations. 

Throughout the year, the Portuguese With Carla site became better. We made several adjustments and backend changes to ensure you get the best experience possible. 

Language Learning Blog

The Portuguese Learning Blog is a free resource from Portuguese With Carla where you can discover all about the Portuguese language and culture.
Weekly articles in our Portuguese Learning Blog

The restart of the Portuguese Learning Blog is another significant highlight. Now, you get an insightful article every week. You can learn about Portuguese culture, explore delicious dishes, and get recommendations for what to do. 

But you also receive content about the beautiful language that is European Portuguese. You can discover the best phrases for visitors, lists of verbs, and valuable grammar lessons. 

Positive Testimonials

We cherish all the lovely comments, positive feedback, and constructive criticism you give us. We love knowing your thoughts on course updates, new features, and experiences with The Journey. Here are some of the reviews you’ve sent us this year: 

  • Amy: “I think your course is unique, imaginative, fun, and certainly challenging. Nowhere have I seen an approach like this, and I can only imagine how much work it took to put it all together. So, please know that I am really glad I signed up and I do love a challenge, especially when it comes to languages. Your hard work is much appreciated!! Looking forward to making my way through the course”
  • Paul: “I have studied foreign languages at different levels and through different media throughout my life – I am 55. This is, by far, the most challenging and potentially most rewarding program I have used.”
  • Leface: “The site is very intuitive. The layout is great and it’s genuinely fun. I have learned more in the past 5 days on the journey than I have in the past 4 months of using language apps. Really enjoyable content and any correspondence has been replied to very promptly.”
  • Ryan: “Really liked how you make the lessons fun. I think the level of Portuguese is good for everyone, both beginners and more advanced. I like the way you make it personalized and like a game.
  • Paddy…this is really very clever and very enjoyable and good value for money. Thank you”

These reviews leave us as happy as can be, knowing we are reaching our objectives. But they also encourage us to do even better to ensure you achieve your language-learning goals. Here is what we have planned for next year.

Learn European Portuguese the Natural Way – Our Plans for 2024

We remain committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience. If you’re there, you will see results! What can you expect from Portuguese With Carla in 2024?

Portuguese With Carla provides tailored user support
Portuguese With Carla provides tailored user support

Excellent Customer Service

If you contacted us before, you know we do our best to answer ASAP and address your concerns. We provide personalized help and support. Still, we are always looking for ways to improve and exceed your expectations. 

More AI

Don’t worry, we won’t replace humans with technology. But we’ll use it to give our lovely humans a boost. Besides, using AI will also allow us to provide you with even more tailored support and feedback.

Improvements in The Journey

Have you ever dreamed of learning what and when you want it? Our course update will allow you to do just that. So, for 2024, you can count on The Journey becoming even more adjustable to your needs and preferences.

Specifically, we are working on changing the way you move from one lesson to the next to make the course more flexible. This will be especially beneficial for intermediate students or those who have a hazardous schedule.

More Cultural Content

Do you love learning about Portuguese cultural details and hidden gems?

Then, you will be happy to know we are already preparing some incredible and insightful content. It will help you discover Portugal and its people, regardless of where you are. We can’t say much at the moment, but let’s just say Marlon and Carla have been traveling quite a bit around continental Portugal and the Islands within the past couple of years to make this new little project a reality.

More YouTube Videos

With so many developments on the website and course, our YouTube channel didn’t receive the attention it deserved in 2023. That is one of the first things to change in 2024. 

You will get fresh and free content to learn European Portuguese. Follow our YouTube channel to ensure you receive all the updates!

Portuguese With Carla's YouTube Channel
Subscribe to Portuguese With Carla on YouTube

A Thank You Message to Our Community

Thank you so very much! Whether you are a subscriber, follower, or dedicated learner, you are part of Portuguese With Carla. So, thank you for enrolling in The Journey and dedicating yourself to learning a language so close to our hearts. 

You are why we continue growing and the motivation behind our efforts to improve. Thank you for helping us continue aiding others learn European Portuguese. 

Throughout the year, we had the privilege of working with many talented and beautiful people. Their support was crucial for us to enhance our interactive program and help you continue your journey to fluency. Thus, we take the opportunity to thank them as well. 

To all of you, we always cherish your feedback and words of encouragement. Thank you for learning with us and helping us grow!

Stepping in 2024 

2023 was such a full year at Portuguese With Carla! How was your 2023? 

We hope you achieved all your language-learning goals and have already started planning your next steps! 

With 2024 just outside the door, we are happy about our accomplishments and have learned from our missteps. But we are also looking forward to what next year will bring. And we can’t wait to provide you with the best resources and support while you learn Portuguese. 

Feedback is one of the most important things for us to improve our experience and continue helping our learners. So please continue sharing with us how your journey is going, and feel free to send us a message.

Plus, don’t miss out on any news by following our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and subscribing for updates on our websiteMuito obrigada e vemo-nos para o ano! (Thank you so much and see you next year!)

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