Top Gestures used by Portuguese People

Top Gestures used by Portuguese People

No, this has nothing to do with Portuguese sign language. 🙂 But linguists argue that only about 30% or so of our real communication is directly through words. The rest is a combination of other linguistic elements such as intonation, pitch, volume, facial and body language.

So a few months back we started gathering what we think are the most commonly used gestures by the Portuguese.


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Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Obrigada, Carla


  1. Howard 3 years ago

    Ola, muito boa noite Carla e Marlon,
    This is fantastic!
    As someone travelling to Portugal and Brasil since the late 1970s, and teaching / working in Northern Portugal occasionally in the last ten years, wish I had seen this earlier!
    Love the podcast also – listen as I run through the Rocky Mountains here,
    muito obrigado e um grande abraço

  2. Jeremy Johns 2 months ago

    Love this. It really took me back to my years in Portugal. But my favourite – the oblique flat hand gesture from the wrist, kind of like chopping, meaning someone’s going to be in trouble (or in my native Norfolk, someone’s going to get wrong) – was missing! Fernanda the cook was the best for gestures – the ‘esperto’ eye pull, the ‘otimo’ ear pinch, the ‘nao me interesa’ hands, and the ‘vais apanhar’ hand chop.
    Muito obrigado, Carla e Marlon

    • Author
      Marlon 3 weeks ago

      Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, we held on recording the video for a few weeks as we kept remembering new expressions, but I guess some really cool ones escaped. 😜

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