Learn Portuguese in 30 Days (Complete plan for FREE)


We’ve put together a simple plan to kick-start your European Portuguese language learning.

It’s all based on free material and mostly easy to consume videos. You won’t become fluent in 30 days of course, but you will have learned a huge amount in a month’s time. Especially useful stuff.


Ready to become fluent in European Portuguese?

For the last decade, we’ve been working on putting together the best possible European Portuguese course. After much research, feedback from our students, and a number of iterations, we think we’ve got it! 😉

As a base, we used scientifically proven techniques to help with master pronunciation, phrase construction, oral understanding, grammar, and all the necessary bits to get you to fluency. At the same time, having learned foreign languages ourselves, we know the process needs to be engaging, varied, and enjoyable. The whole thing is presented as an adventure. It’s a course like no other, trust us!

Learn more about The Journey and start your free trial here.

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  1. I’m going to share this with my daughter. She’s studying to be a nurse and always tells me she needs to learn more Portuguese to help speak with patients.

    1. Yo, my native language is pt, i really need to learn english, if your daughter is up, we can talk in discord, how old is her?

  2. Such a good idea to have such a plan. It’s often dauting the process to start learning a language and one can waste a lot of time searching for ‘the best’ method.

  3. I have a hard time comprehending my difficulty level, both my parents are Portuguese but never taught me the language (we live in Sweden). I understand many words, but can’t really form long sentences and understand only some parts of the grammar. (My pronunciation is also very good according to my Portuguese friends.) Is there a test to see my capabilities?

    1. Yo, im from brazil, native portuguese speaker and stuffs hihihi, actualy i was trying to teach english buuuut, didnt work. i know how to help u because i know a bit of your language.. and therefore we could help both

  4. Marlon & Carla, I took some lessons with you before I moved to PT and I didn’t think I retained much but now I have started again and am amazed at how much I actually remembered. The live practice has made such a difference, I didn’t have to translate the questions this time (!) and the structure of The Journey is so comprehensive. I am going to take isso 30 dias coisa as an extra bonus. Muito obrigada!

    1. That’s great! And we’re pleased to hear you’re enjoying The Journey 😊 Extra is always good – the more exposure you get the quicker you’ll progress 👌🏽

  5. Hi my first language is Portuguese but over time I stopped responding in Portuguese and instead English therefore I lost abit of my Portuguese as I think in English but I understand everything just wanted some advice on how I can start being more confident speaking Portuguese

    1. Oi, moça, vc tem discord ou algum meio de comunicação? To aprendendo ingles ha um booom tempo, to precisando muuuito praticar com nativos ou pessoas que falam bem. Sou bom e pt tmb em kkkk, se quiser responde aqui.

      Se quiser deixar seu insta

  6. Hi Carla and Marlon, having made it to the end of this 30 day course I just wanted to thank you both for making such an amazing FREE resource available. More than just learning I found it fun as you can tell you both love what you’re doing, and that gave me confidence to try things I haven’t before. For anyone worried about finding the time to commit to this , there are so many bite size chunks you can really take as long as you need to, so just keep going. You’ve renewed my motivation and belief that eventually I can learn the language and can’t wait to get started on “the journey” which I’m signing up for. Muito Obrigado 🙂

    1. Olá, Michael! First of all, a big WELL DONE to you for sticking to the 30day plan 😃👏🏽 We’re so happy to hear about you’re renewed desire to learn Portuguese!!
      Also, bem-vindo! 🤗

  7. At 1:24, what did you say? I think i heard “ajuda me falar e explicar está parte” ? I was putting it on slow motion too , and the ending bloopers were so precious ❤

    1. Eu disse: “ajuda-me, vá lá. Anda cá explicar esta parte” 😊
      “Vá lá” depending on the tone in which it is said can mean “c’mon” or “please”. In this case I meant it as please 🙏🏽

  8. Obrigada !! This is exactly what I needed as I’m off to Lisbon in a month just for a week end and wanted to learn some basics 🙂 cheers from France

    1. Fantástico! I hope you have a great time in Lisbon 😊
      Do let me know how you get on with the 30 day plan 👌🏽 also don’t worry about learning all the material word for word, just go through it and enjoy!

    1. Olá 😊 sorry about that! I think it’s working now. Let me know if you still have any trouble with it 👍🏽

  9. Hi! My name is Linh from Vietnam. I want to check the script for lessons 1-7. Yesterday I could access the website and saw it. But now I can’t anymore. Please you can check it for me. 🙏

    I love your program. I’m trying to learn Portuguese and found about your channel. ♥️

  10. your videos are wonderful, EXCEPT i can’t get past the music playing under the audio… such a shame, for me it’s impossible to learn with 2 sounds going on at once, I can jump forwards to miss that but then feel i miss out on what was important at the beginning… I love your voice and sound quality so such shame to have it compromised by the music, just thought it was worth sharing my experience.

    1. Olá, Ben 🙂 thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We’ll definitely take your point into consideration 👍🏽

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