Best way to memorise new words – Memrise? Duolingo? [in PT with subs]

Over time, we have tried many a technique to learn new vocabulary. Both ourselves in our own language learning efforts as well as with our students. One technique stands out among others. And it’s even more effective than the most popular apps. We hope you like it.

Podcasts –
“Shortcut” automation to enter new words –

Ready to become fluent in European Portuguese?

For the last decade, we’ve been working on putting together the best possible European Portuguese course. After much research, feedback from our students, and a number of iterations, we think we’ve got it! 😉

As a base, we used scientifically proven techniques to help with master pronunciation, phrase construction, oral understanding, grammar, and all the necessary bits to get you to fluency. At the same time, having learned foreign languages ourselves, we know the process needs to be engaging, varied, and enjoyable. The whole thing is presented as an adventure. It’s a course like no other, trust us!

Learn more about The Journey and start your free trial here.

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  1. Great advice. I also like to create the connection of who said the word and what we were doing to the newly learned word.

    Muito util.
    Obrigadissimo mesmo.
    Uma Pergunta faz o favor,
    O que video editor do you use for the dual translations?
    Obrigado pelo resposta.
    Faz o favor, make your videos ALWAYS with dual interpretation, porque, it’s more beneficial this way para nos compreender.

    1. When we have the word “nada” after a verb we use double negation. That also happens with the word “ninguém” 👍🏽

  3. Felicitari pentru excelenta pronuntie in romana !
    My goal for 2022 is learning European Portuguese. I’ve started with your podcasts and I’m following you with great pleasure.

    1. Mersi frumos ☺️
      Well done with your goal and thank you for using our material to help you achieve it! 🥰

    1. Buna ziua! Pentru că este o comunitate mare de oameni care vorbesc limba romană unde locuim noi și ne place să vorbim cu oameni din jurul nostru 😊

  4. hello, I really enjoy your videos! Next year I will come to Portugal and your videos have helped me a lot (from Macau China

    1. Aww that’s so great to hear we’ve been able to help you! We wish you all the best with your moving to Portugal! 😊

  5. Muito Obrigada!

    I’m a month into learning Brazilian Portuguese with a tutor and Duolingo. I know nothing about European dialects.! Would you say that the two of you have similar accents, or are you from different areas? Sometimes your accents seem to be similar to me, sometimes not 😅

    1. 😊 we have the same accent really. The differences you may hear might be in the way we enunciate our words.

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