Formal vs Informal European Portuguese

One of the hardest things for English speakers who are learning European Portuguese is to get their heads around the formal vs informal way of speaking in the new tongue.

Truth is, pretty much every language has markers, of one sort or another, that let its users speak or indeed write in a more polite, less casual manner. The problem is that in European Portuguese this often involves varied and somewhat complex verb endings.

But let’s not get bogged down by grammar just now, instead, we thought it would be a nice idea to just get a feel for this formal/informal differentiation by asking people in Lisbon for real-life expressions they would use in both settings.

The videos below are split into 3 sections. Make sure to watch all three and let us know what you think.

Greetings in European Portuguese

Saying Goodbye in European Portuguese

Asking the Time in European Portuguese

Ready to become fluent in European Portuguese?

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  1. Great vidoes, thank you, Carla! These vidoes, along with all your other podcasts, are so helpful in learning to speak and understand Portuguese.
    Thanks a lot for all these excellent lessons!

  2. Entâo, como é que vocês estão?
    Thanks so much for podcast 14. The word game and the videos are really helpful. You guys are very inventive and creative. Your podcasts make learning much more fun. I am already looking forward to podcast 15!!

    Adeus! Até logo! E muito obrigada mais uma vez.

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