Our Language Story (In Portuguese with subtitles)

Where do we come from? How did we learn English? How did we end up teaching European Portuguese Online?


Our podcasts can be found here: https://portuguesewithcarla.com/podcasts/

Ready to become fluent in European Portuguese?

For the last decade, we’ve been working on putting together the best possible European Portuguese course. After much research, feedback from our students, and a number of iterations, we think we’ve got it! 😉

As a base, we used scientifically proven techniques to help with master pronunciation, phrase construction, oral understanding, grammar, and all the necessary bits to get you to fluency. At the same time, having learned foreign languages ourselves, we know the process needs to be engaging, varied, and enjoyable. The whole thing is presented as an adventure. It’s a course like no other, trust us!

Learn more about The Journey and start your free trial here.

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  1. Vocês são impecáveis! Muito obrigada por ensinarem tão bem a nossa língua! E que inveja dessa pronuncia inglesa!

    1. Obrigada nós, Paula, pelos seus elogios ☺️ quanto à pronúncia inglesa, ajudou bastante a oportunidade que tivemos de viver na Inglaterra 🤪

  2. I truly appreciate that you speak at normal speeds. Speaking slowly,, by others is only briefly helpful, but in the end it is important to be exposed to as much real life Portuguese as possible. A qualidade do vídeo é realmente ótima! Muito obrigado e abraços dos EUA.

  3. Hi Carla & Marlon,
    Just a million thanks for your videos to start with.
    Question: is there any easy way to find your first videos in chronological order! They seem to be all mixed up. I would love to start at the beginning or am I completely missing the plot.
    Anyway, a thousand thank yous for what you do. Xxxx

    1. Olá Mandy, thanks 😊 as C said you can find the chronological order in which we’ve published the videos, but to build you confidence, start with all the “basic” videos like the alphabet, tricky sounds and numbers; colours one and months and seasons of the year as well as the 100 common Portuguese words and phrases. You could watch the latter one first and repeat it every so often to get you speaking immediately. If you find the speed of our Portuguese too fast, remember to slow down the speed on the settings 👍🏽 And listen to the podcasts. The first 7 aren’t yet on YouTube (sorry!), but you can watch or listen to them on our website portuguesewithcarla.com
      Anyway, don’t worry too much about the order in which you watch them, just make sure to get plenty of exposure to the language and have fun with it 😊
      Thanks again for your comment xx

  4. What a great surprise. I’m also half Angolan 🇦🇴 (but I m not fluent in Portuguese 😔) . However, it’s never too late to learn and I am glad I found your channel 🤗

  5. That’s it haha, I saw this video like recommendation and I really appreciate that, you have a african accent, I have several friends in my country with the same angola accent, I like so much people who are there, I will subscribe your channel 😁

    1. 😊 yes my Angolan accent comes out when I’m with family and a few close friends, but generally and what you heard is the standard Portuguese accent 🤪 thanks for subscribing! 👍🏽👍🏽

  6. Thank you for all your hard work in making these videos. I am working away hard as well at listening in order to tune my ear…currently 80% speed…hopefully with time, I will be able to bring it up to 100%. Obrigado de novo.

  7. It was really Nice hearing your story. I was able to understand more than 80% mas ainda não sou capaz de falar o português fluentemente (at my level). Na verdade, escrever é mais fácil haha

  8. I’m so glad you did this video. You’ve helped me so much. I recommend your channel all the time on our expats in Portugal group. It’s nice to know more about you. Abracos.

  9. Para mim é boa tarde. 49 graus centígrados. Opá, eu morro de calor. Meus Deus, uma pessoa não pode nem sair de casa. Se fizer 35 graus, já é um calor de rachar, não quero imaginar como será aturar 49 graus.

  10. 14:45 “se calhar mencionámos uma coisita ou outras”. Achei interessante o uso da palavra “coisita” (em vez de “coisinha” que sempre ouvi até agora). Há alguma diferença entre coisinha e coisita? Ouvi outras vezes palavras (que para mim parecem mais bem espanholas) e fiquei com dúvida se fazem parte do vocabulário do português ou se são palavras emprestadas do espanhol, para dar algum efeito… Podiam dar uma opinião sobre isso? Acho que usar o diminutivo -ito em vez de -inho é no que mais reparei. Porém nunca li num livro de português para estrangeiros sobre a existência da terminação “ito” em diminutivo português. Para terminar, quero agradecer muito pelo vosso LINDO trabalho!!

    1. Olá 🙂 para formar o diminutivo em português temos vários sufixos, mas os dois mais comuns em português são “inho” e “ito” (e claro também existem no feminino e no plural).

      Obrigada pelo teu comentário e elogio ☺️

  11. Anteriormente, encontrei podcasts e vídeos para aprender outros idiomas. No entanto, não consegui encontrar um bom para o português. “Portuguese with Carla” é o melhor que existe. Tão feliz por ter encontrado

  12. I can’t wait to see The Journey…it looks great. So glad I found your channel. I started real study about 3 weeks ago and I am incorporating your suggestions! Thanks so much!

  13. But you behaved like you are more or less English people teaching Portuguese but now you just go into this ocean of Portuguese and can’t believe.. it’s like a secret was just revealed

    1. 😅 we never said we were English.. I guess having lived there for so long we picked up on the accent (although not perfectly) 🤪

  14. This is awesome! The best language learning program out there..! I’m excited to start learning European Portuguese!

  15. Siempre he querido aprender portugués y creo que he encontrado el sitio adecuado con vosotros. Gracias

  16. Thank you!! Both my parents were born and raised in Sao Miguel then moved to Canada and then I was born. Growing up my parents spoke Portuguese to me, so I 100% understand, BUT I don’t know how to speak it..does that make sense? When they spoke to me in Portuguese I would reply back in English because they wanted to learn English 😕

    1. De nada! 😊 And yes, it makes perfect sense that you understand Portuguese but do not speak it. It shows how vital it is to actually try to speak it.

      If you can’t say a whole sentence in Portuguese, don’t worry! When in a conversation start by throwing in the odd Portuguese words that come to mind; when listening to you relatives and our videos, try to repeat short phrases and when you have the chance to use them, go for it! That’s really what children do when they start speaking, right? They repeat after the parents and in a sense we do have to become like little children again. It can be challenging and we can feel all embarrassed because we may say it wrong, but we can’t allow that to stop us. Dwell on the fact that your relatives and the Portuguese you encounter will truly appreciate you for trying and eventually becoming fluent 🤗

  17. Amazing Carla. Only been speaking English at 19 years old? With an English accent? I thought you were raised in England but were a Heritage Portuguese speaker!Well done all the same. If I was learning Portuguese for sure I would use your resource!Well done guys!

  18. I am so grateful to get and subscribe to this channel. The vocabulary video helped me a lot to remember thousands of words….Thank you guys for these wonderful videos. Please keep on posting more and more videos…..

  19. I wonder why someone would dislike this video!! I find it so amazing. I’ll be looking into this program.

  20. Thanks for sending me this video in your (automated? but nice) response to my questions. I’d viewed your film The Journey previously and was very impressed by the production quality (almost too good), but now I understand the purpose of it as a teaching tool and your approach to teaching as explained how you got to where you are in this You Tube video.

  21. Obrigado, minha avos nunca falar Ingles, e preciso aprender mais portugues entao eu posso conversar com eles. Tu ajudes muito com meu compreensao

  22. I’m capeverdean born in america, my parents didn’t teach me portuguese but I can speak creole fluently – they didn’t want to teach me the “colonizer” language so here I am lololol

  23. I was wondering how your English is so perfect and native-like LOL. This explains it. Love your channel btw

  24. I am so addicted to ” The Journey” that I forget to do laundry, clean house, grocery shop, because the courses keep me so addicted to continue to next lesson.

  25. Guys, you are so amazing! Thank you for all your job, energy and time. I love portugese so I try to learn it on my own, but also I have hyperacusis so most of the time voices and other sounds annoy me, but you are so peaceful that learning with you is a pleasure! Thank you!!!!

    1. Wow, Karolina, that’s a very special compliment coming from someone who has hyperacusis. It really put a smile on my face knowing that you’re enjoying leaning Portuguese from us 🤗 you are very welcome and we hope you continue to benefit from our videos 💖

  26. Just had to stop the video and comment on what Carla just said. The experience of Porguguese speakers detecting Iºm English and starting to speak English to me is manifest. I always ask, “How am I going to become fluent in Portuguese if you all insist on speaking English to me?” I think it shows the wonderful nature of the Portuguese people. Communication is more important than expectations. I just accept that, while I am trying to improve, they may like to refresh or improve their English; as well as trying to be helpful. Good for everybody even if it means it takes me longer.
    Keep up the awesome work.
    With deepest thanks and appreciation.

    1. It’s tough when you wish to practice your Portuguese, but it seems you have a really positive towards it which is great 😊

  27. Thank you so much for your very interesting video about European Portuguese ! Thank you so much !

  28. Olá Carlotinha, estás muito linda, diverti-me bastante com esse vídeo 😂dou-vos razão quanto ineficiência( pelo menos para mim) dos métodos convencionais de ensino do inglês ou outras línguas , bjão aos dois!

    Gizela Amado 🇦🇴

  29. I’m amazed at how well you both speak English. Thank you for the very interesting introduction to your language method which is attractive and promising.

  30. Started learning from you guys one year ago and am now enrolled in classes at A2 level. Thanks for the help, you seem like a great couple to raise a glass with if you’re ever around Cascais area!

    1. 😊 obrigada, Joey! Parabéns for reaching level A2 🤗 You’re doing classes and living in Portugal – I’m sure you’ll soon be speaking Portuguese fluently – keep it up 👍🏽

  31. This is absolutely crazy! I didn’t expect much when the movie trailer started, but it blew my freaking mind! I literally have goosebumps and tears in my eyes! 😀 I need to see this immediately! Epic work!!

  32. Carla: muito obrigada por o vídeo, eu estou aprendendo português, está e a primeira vez que vê-o seu programa . Minha gramática não é boa, mas estou aprendendo.

    1. Olá 👋🏽 a tua gramática parece-me muito boa! Mas fica aqui uma dica “por + o” = pelo, ou seja, deves dizer: obrigada pelo..
      keep it up, estás no bom caminho! 🤗

  33. É impressionante como funcionam (mal) os algoritmos. Tenho interesse pelo ensino de português a estrangeiros, tanto português de Portugal quanto do Brasil, mas só agora, depois de anos é que encontrei, por acaso, um vídeo de um canal tão profissional como este.

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