Lesson 19 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lição dezanove, lesson 19! The doctor brings bad news.

As usual, the flashcards with European Portuguese audio are available below.


Portuguese Transcript

Dr. – Querem as boas ou as más notícias primeiro?

M – As más.

Dr. – Ora bem, você tem uma fractura oblíqua composta na parte inferior da fíbula.

M – Oh Sr. Dr. troque lá isso por miúdos, se faz favor.

Dr. – Isto quer dizer que o Sr. João tem uma perna partida!

C – Que chatice!

M – Lá se vão as nossas férias…

C – Deixa lá querido, não te preocupes com isso agora.

M – Só a mim é que me acontecem destas coisas… Mas diga-me então, qual é a boa notícia?

Dr. – O Benfica ganhou! Estiveram empatados até o último minuto…

M – Ao menos isso.

Can you recall?

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  1. Ola! I live for each podcast and print them. I did notice that Podcast 19 narrative was the same as Podcast 18..is that something you have been made aware of? Thanks so much for addressing this issue and for all the WONDERFUL Podcasts you two make!

    1. Obrigado Georgia 🙂
      That’s really encouraging to hear!
      Sorry about the error with the transcripts. All fixed now.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the 30 day programme, it’s getting me through January’s dark days! I did notice on the 50 common verbs part of today’s practice, verb no 6 SENTIR you have translated as to drink, just an oversight… you translate it as to feel in the conjugations correctly so it was still clear. I really appreciate your work x Rach

  3. Oh Sr. Dr. troque lá isso por miúdos, se faz favor.
    I think if I was being polite, I would probably say: sorry Doctor, could you say that in simple English for me?
    Que chatice!
    In this case, ‘what a pain’ might sound a bit dismissive of the husband’s misfortune. Probably ‘Oh no!’ would be more to scale with a broken leg, specially if you weren’t expecting such bad news.
    Estiveram empatados até o último minuto: it was a draw/ they were drawn until the final minute.

    Once again, thanks for these fantastic natural exchanges (Well, natural to my English-speaking ears!) – I’m learning so much.

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