Lesson 20 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 20 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 20 is a “review in games” podcast episode. How many European Portuguese words and idiomatic expressions can you recall from previous lessons?

30 seconds, are you ready? Go…


Open the tab below only if you’re struggling to remember most words hinted at on the podcast. Getting the answers without further help will help you “burn” them in your memory much more effectively.

Bear in mind that the words are not in the order they are mentioned, so it will still be somewhat of a challenge to pick the right one.


o céo a mulher a àgua
o casaco as escadas a vela
o elevador o fósforo a pessoa
a voz a falta a mãe
o alto-falante o balão o banco
a fratura a notícia o último
a perna o consultório aleijar
a caminhada o arranhão o escuro
o itinerário inchado o consultório
empatar partir ganhar
sentar subir a comida



  1. Naominha 2 months ago

    Gira. Brigade.

    • Author
      Carla Sabala 2 months ago

      De nada 🙂

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