Lesson 2 - Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Free Audio Course – Lesson 2

In this second free portuguese lesson in our course we show you what asking for directions in portuguese sounds like.

Also, a brief introduction to numbers and a few extra tidbits. In our science section, Marlon talks about the brain plasticity and how an understanding of it can help you learn a new language so much faster.

Any questions or observations, just leave a comment.


By Carla Sabala


C- Boa Tarde
M- Tarde…
C- Onde fica a farmácia?
M- Ao fim da rua vire à esquerda, a farmácia fica à sua direita.
C- Desculpe, pode repetir?
M- …
C- OK, muito obrigada

C- Olá, boa tarde. O meu marido tem uma constipação.
M- Há quanto tempo?
C- Há 2 dias.
M- OK, experimente isto.
C- Quanto custa?
M- 3 euros e 5 cêntimos.
C- Vou levar, Obrigada.


  1. Nazar 3 years ago

    Thank you for podcast! I enjoy practicing Portuguese with you.
    I am in Lisbon but use mostly English. You inspire me to force myself to practice more Portuguese.

    • Author
      carlasabala 3 years ago

      Thank you for your comment! I’m very pleased to know i’m inspiring you to practice harder 🙂
      If possible, try to watch Portuguese tv, read books, listen to Portuguese music, etc. Basically, expose yourself to the language as much as possible. It may be hard to start with, but without you realising you will learn a lot!

  2. Steph 8 months ago

    Thanks so much for this podcast and the series as a whole. Have just started learning Portuguese and am really grateful to have found such an accessible resource for European Portuguese. 🙂

    • Marlon Sabala 7 months ago

      Hi Steph, you’re very welcome 🙂

  3. LindaM 4 weeks ago

    You guys are so funny, you make it fun, and youre just so real. Don’t change. 🙂

    • Marlon Sabala 3 weeks ago

      Muito obrigado Linda 🙂

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