Lesson 14 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Are you ready to play a game with us?

Often, a major problem when learning a language is not the acquisition but the retention. How to make words and expressions stick? In Lesson 14 of our European Portuguese Podcast, we teach you a fun game to help you remember Portuguese without the need for boring and seemingly infinite lists of words.


PS: We used to include an exercise on this page, but it turned out to bit a little too difficult for most folks at this early stage of their learning journey, so we got rid of it for the time being. 😉


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  1. Dear Marlo, Carla, that was a great idea you had for this episode! A fun and entertaining – also challenging – way to recap and brush up on a good chunk of words that you have been using thus far. Very enjoyable, kept laughing like an idiot every time it became apparent that, once again, Carla was of course going to leave the right answer at the end :). I thought it was an exercise in reverse psychology! Anyway, I even got quite a few of them right – ATUM!!! – and the ones I didn’t it was mostly because I’m lazy and haven’t quite managed yet to catch up with all the vocabulary I’ve logged in my trusty little notebook. So yeah, I think it makes perfect sense to have one of these episodes from time to time. Plus, you wouldn’t want Marlon’s stellar audio production values – nice game show effect on the microphone, btw – to go to waste, surely 🙂

    1. Thanks once again Paolo for your positive comments, particularly on this kind of podcast. We’re happy to hear they’re beneficial!

  2. Ola Carla. O peter Forbes aqui. Surpresa surpresa com uma pergunta. Ainda eu confundi sobre como para pronunciar (ou em particular nao para pronunciar) a letra “e” quando a letra esta ao final de uma palavra A 10.08 Marlon diz “o dente” e parece para pronunciar a letra “e” e novament a 19.35 quando ele diz “sotaque”. Voce nao pronuncia o letra.. Talvez somente realmente ele esta a enfatizar a segundo ultimo letra mais forte do que voce?

    1. Olá Peter! Mas que bela surpresa!! 😀

      É verdade, eu nao pronuncio a letra ‘e’ no final das palavras, mas o Márlon às vezes pronuncia. E você tem razão, ele está simplesmente a enfatizar os sons de cada sílaba. Por vezes fazemos isso, por exemplo quando as emoções estão à flor da pele 😛 Mas regra geral, não se pronuncia a letra ‘e’ quando é a última numa palavra.


  3. Hey Guys, Absolutely loving the podcasts, I don’t have anyone to talk to that knows Portuguese and I keep hoping to get some one on one lessons over skype some time. In the mean time I’m looking the word list to go with the quiz.

    1. Glad we can be of help Mark 🙂

      You can try some apps like talkabroad.com, Hellotalk, hello pal or tandem. Of course, all members of the Carla’s Babies program have access to a community of people who are eager to learn more European Portuguese and we just actually launched a new feature for members that allow them to practice live with each other 🙂

      If you want to know more, head over to https://ptwithcarla.com/member

      Até mais,

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