Lesson 8 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

In this week’s free Portuguese European lesson, our fictitious characters meet up with an acquaintance and get some restaurant recommendations. The adventure in Funchal continues.

Again, we have a special guest in this podcast episode. Another voice, another native Portuguese speaker. Listen to the end, you might get some bonus material. 🙂


PS: We used to include an exercise on this page, but it turned out to bit a little too difficult for most folks at this early stage of their learning journey, so we got rid of it for the time being. 😉

Portuguese Transcript

(Elevator doors opening)

M – Olha lá, aquela não é a Ana do banco?!

C- É agora!

M – É, é! Aquele corte de cabelo não engana ninguém.

C – Mas onde?

M – Aquela ali, mesmo ao pé do balcão com a mala de viagem.

C – Ah pois é! Vamos ali cumprimenta-la.

M – Não demores muito que eu ainda quero ver o final do jogo.

C – Olá Ana! Tudo bem? O que é que andas aqui a fazer?

A – Olha quem ela! Tudo bem Susana? Estive aqui uns dias para descansar, mas já me vou embora. Estou só à espera do táxi pra me levar ao aeroporto.

C- Ah fizeste muito bem!

M – Mas é uma pena, senão podias vir jantar connosco agora.

A – Ah pois é, deixem lá, fica para próxima!

Mas se quiserem comer bem e barato, a Casa do Bolo de (do) Caco é ótima! Fica mesmo na Rua Fernão De Ornelas. Conhecem?

M – Acho que sim, mas a gente mete aqui a morada no Google e chega lá.

C – Sim. E quem tem boca vai a Roma!

Olha gostei de te ver! Faz uma boa viagem.

A – Olha, também gostei de vos ver. Obrigada. Fiquem bem. Divirtam-se! Adeus

M – Obrigado pela sugestão! Adeus, boa viagem.

A – Obrigada.


Verb: Ressonar

Can you recall?

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  1. Standard of podcast/lesson getting even better. Love having the transcript and learning the portuguese phrases. Would be happy to subscribe to regular lessons like this. Thank you Carla and Marlon

    Qualidade do podcast/liçao a ficar ainda melhor. Amo a ter a transcrição e a aprender frases portuguese. Seria feliz em inscrever se a lições regular, como isto. Muito obrigado Carla e Málon

  2. AHhahahah, I’m glad I didn’t google “ressonar” before the final reveal… well worth it! Poor Marlon… Brilliant episode, by the way – a ton of takeaways, as usual. The exercises at the end help a lot and the audio quiz was much easier to understand. Especially Alf. Obrigado, Alf 🙂

  3. Hello Carla and Marlon
    These podcasts are amazing – I learn a lot and am in great company. Thank you so much! They really help me improving my Portuguese so I can join conversations along with my Portuguese friends.
    The audio quiz are brillant too.
    I wish you a happy easter.

    1. Hi Markus! I am so sorry, i just spotted your message! Thank you so much for your kind wishes and positive feedback. I hope our podcasts have continued to help you with your Portuguese 🙂

      Many thanks!

  4. I am so impressed! I teach English to Hebrew speaking kids and get so many ideas from your podcast. The quality is excellent, and you guys are so talented. As a mother, though, I would be really upset if my son put my snoring on his podcast! Hope your mom has a better sense of humor than I ! 🙃 Muito obrigada!

    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the lovely feedback 🙂 And yes fortunately Marlon’s mum is really laid back and laughs at her son’s sense of humour:D My mum is more like you, she would have not appreciated something like it either.

      Thanks again for your message!

  5. Hi,
    I’ve been loving the podcasts but can’t seem to see the answers to the quizzes (correct answers) even when i click “check”, am i suppose to be registered under an account to be able to see the answers?
    thanks !

    1. Boa tarde Veronica,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      No, you don’t need to register. I just tested this and it seems to work fine on my browser (chrome). A cache clearing might do the trick here.

  6. Do you no longer do the weekly podcasts? I found your channel and I found them very beneficial to learning European Portuguese. I was just wondering if you may continue them in the future. Going over different conversations in different scenarios.

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