Lesson 15 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

Lesson 15 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast


Podcast 15 is here and it’s another “guess the word” episode. How good is your memory? How much European Portuguese do you think you can remember from our previous lessons? Test yourself and win an amazing prize. Sort of! 🙂



Open the tab below only if you’re struggling to remember most words hinted at on the podcast. Getting the answers without further help will help you “burn” them in your memory much more effectively.

Bear in mind that the words are not in the order they are mentioned, so it will still be somewhat of a challenge to pick the right one.


a porta o quarto a foto
a luz o barco o mar
o jogo a fome a carteira
a janela a televisão a chave
o carro o telemóvel o banco
a rua o cabelo o balcão
a mala de viagem o aeroporto o jantar
a morada a decoração a música
o maracujá beber a laranja
a maça o gelo o prato
o trigo a sopa o peixe
a espetada a batata o milho
a salada a bebida o ambiente



Word Association Explained


  1. Paolo 6 years ago

    Muito obrigado, Marlon e Carla! My favourite episode yet. Could be down to the fact I actually guessed every single word this time around :). Felt really good about it too, even the Portuguese description for the word was reaching my lazy brain loud and clear. Before the English translation kicked in, I mean. Thank you for the lovely price at the end, much appreciated. Though, I must confess, a tart would have been nice too… which I now desperately crave :(. How do you say “let’s raid o frigorífico?” in Portuguese?! Anyway, obrigadhino e fica para proxima!

  2. Maram 1 year ago

    Where can i find the vocab ?

    • Marlon 1 year ago

      Hey Maram, just tap/click on the “solutions” tab 🙂

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