Lesson 5 – Portuguese With Carla Podcast

It has been a little while but we’re back. More free Portuguese lessons with Carla and the husband (Marlon).

We pick up more or less where we left off: just getting to our Hotel room. Listen out for a special guest.

Also in this lesson: What Marlon’s Grand mom sounds like when under the effect of powerful “get to sleep” drugs.


Portuguese Transcript

M – Eh pá! Granda quarto! Só a cama dava pra 4! E olha a televisão: é maior que a nossa lá de casa. Vamos ali à varanda… Ena pa! que bela vista!

C – Oh João, este quarto ainda não foi limpo! Vem cá ver a casa de banho…

M – O que é que tem a casa de banho? Parece-me limpa…

C – Então não estás a ver o balde do lixo não foi esvaziado e a banheira… está cheia de cabelos!! Que nojo!

M – Não está assim tão mau… tem jacuzzi e tudo.

C – Bom, eu tenho que ligar para a recepção.

C – Estou sim?

R- Boa noite, fala a Rubina da recepção. Diga por favor.

C – Boa noite D. Rubina, olhe acabámos de entrar no quarto e notámos que ainda não foi limpo.

R – Não foi limpo?!! Diga por favor o número do quarto?

C – É o número 16.

R – Ai eu peço desculpa. Eu já mando aí uma pessoa.

C – Está bem, obrigada. Com licença.

C- De nada.

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      1. Olá Carla,
        First, I am a francophone who learned english while ago and Spanish a few year ago. Now for the last 6 month I am learning portuguese, because I am pLanning for next year a long trip in Spain and in Portugal. Unlike the Spanish linguage, that I could, right from the beginning, understand the spaniards as well as the latino-americanos, witch is not de case in Portuguese.
        So, I am facing a real challenge wirch is called the European português. If I sum up my challenge: As I did to learn spanish: I am using Duolingo (witch is only accessible in bresilian-portuguese) and I can understand it quite easely. As I already told you, my trip will be in Europe and wow! I got so much trouble understanding “you” ! It is like I was learning an other language. Why is it so? Do you have any tips for me… ?
        By the way, I am resilient and for sure, I will succeed…
        N.B. I am glad I found your website and your great podcasts! I heard for the first time your backward technic and I do like it.
        Bye bye,from Canada, and feliz ano novo a tudos!
        Até a próxima Carla !

  1. Obrigada Carla…Sou Josephine e sou a chinesa. I recently started to learn Portuguese online. However I personally think the online classes help with the grammar learning a lot but not in the oral and listening, because some teachers are with brasilian accent and some with other accents……I’m so happy now having your podcast that helps my speaking and listening a lot….. and your class is close to the daily life which is easy to remember, and love your sound. Muito Obrigada.

    1. Olá Josephine,
      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I’m very happy to hear you’re benefiting from and enjoying the podcasts! Muito obrigada e bom trabalho 🙂 Carla

  2. Muito obrigada, Carla e Marlon! My mother is a native Portuguese speaker, but I’ve forgotten most of what she taught me as a little child. At age 49, I’ve decided to try to learn, and your podcasts are really helpful. I’m so happy to have a European Portuguese podcast available. Great work!

    1. Olá Sharon!

      It’s never too late to relearn a language – we’re happy to see you’ve decided to embrace your origins and that we can be part of it! Força 😉


  3. I just discovered you guys and your podcasts and I love them! I like that you throw in expressions or phrases that you cannot directly translate. Plus, some of the other information in regards to the science of the brain and other ways to learn a language were very insightful! Yes…I am only on podcast 5!

  4. I have got as far as podcast 10 but dropped back to 5 to refresh my brain.

    In 3 months I (and my wife) will be returning to Madeira for the third time. The first trip I knew no Portuguese at all (although I do speak and understand some French and Italian. So, that helped). We learned obrigado/obrigada early and that went a long way (towards being polite).

    Next trip we learned a few more words. On our last day, at our favourite bar/bakery, I asked one of our much-loved waiters “Como está?” He said, “Listen to you! Next time we speak Portuguese.” A challenge which I have accepted.

    Thanks to you both, I can now talk about carro a gasolina ou gasóleo, o jogo de futebol and como limpar a nossa casa de banho is. (Well all are important.)

    Great work by both of you. I hope to be past podcast 30 before I go.

    Muito obrigado

    1. Hey Don, that’s really nice to hear!

      And thanks for taking the time to share it with us. We’re happy for you. Yep, plenty of free stuff for you to listen to, and more coming 🙂

  5. The best free course that I have seen online. Thank you! I knew Portuguese as a kid but I moved to the US and did use it and so I lost most of it. Now, I’m trying to re-learn. I find these very helpful.

    1. Wow. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      We’re very glad you find these useful. Plenty there to consume 🙂

  6. I used to speak Portuguese because of my grandmother and now as she is no more I have no one to practice the language with. I am very grateful to the two of you for creating these podcasts – it really helps me immerse myself back in to the language and of course very nostalgic memories. With much love all the way from India!

  7. I just wanted to say that your podcasts are amazing!!! I did some Portuguese as the 3rd foreign language at the university , but I never really practiced it. In a month I’m going to Lisbon on a business trip, so I would like to brush my Portuguese up a bit. Your lessons are exaclty what I needed! And linguistic insights at the end of every lesson are really interesting. Great job, guys! Thank you so much:-)

    1. Muito obrigada Caterina 😊
      Hope you have a fantastic time in Portugal and you’re able to communicate with the Portuguese!

      Safe travels

      Carla 🙂

  8. Muito obrigada. I am a motivated beginner learner and find your approach super helpful to start speaking. Great resource!

  9. I just started learning European Portuguese a few weeks ago (maybe 6). I have purchased other lessons from Pimsleur and some of your competitors, but I have found your lessons – especially the breakdown of the dialogues – the best. I’m going through them slowly and trying to practice listening after I have fully understood the written text.

    I’m waiting for you to get back to me so I can sign up for the Journey. In the meantime, thank you very much for these resources.

    By the way (já agoro?), I didn’t think podcast 4 was boring. It was perfect speed for a beginner.

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